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MID LEVEL X11 and Ambition

Ambition beds offer a 15 minute tan, 3 400watt high pressure facial bulbs with on/off feature, fan controls, 32 120watt canopy and lounge bulbs

X11 stand up units offer a 11-minute tan, 44 160watt bulbs and volume controlled music feature.

ULTRA PRESSURE LEVEL Maxx250 and Silver Bullet

Maxx250 stand-up units offer a 7 minute tan, 54 250watt bulbs, 22mph air-conditioned fans and a raised platform for a head-to-toe tan.

Silver Bullet lay-down beds offer a 12 minute tan, 3 600watt high pressure facial bulbs, 2 250watt high pressure neck/shoulder bulbs, 44 160watt lounge bulbs, frosted flat acrylic surface, air-conditioned fans, body/face misters and volume controlled music.


iBed lay down 12 minute tan plus 4 minute after bronzer. The iBed offers 3 1000watt high pressure facials, 4 250watt shoulder/neck tanners, 45 160 watt lounge bulbs, air-conditioned adjustable fans, mister and iPod/mp3 compatible sound system.

P90 lay down 12 minute tan. The P90 features 2 250watt high pressure shoulder tanners, 3 1000watt facial tanners, 12 600watt canopy bulbs and 20 160watt lounge bulbs. In addition, enjoy such luxuries as misters, extra spacious frosted flat acrylic, open air design, music and four levels of bed intensity.

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